Costa Rica Holiday Rentals

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals


We understand that numerous investors are interested in offering their particular (residential) properties to the flourishing Costa Rica holiday rentals marketplace in Costa Rica. We are happy to manage their properties with our local rental service Costa Rica holiday rentals 

We’ll provide it on the net or through travel companies, trip operators, advertising ads and brochures. We shall look after leasing visitors totally from initial query to checkout. You Can Expect concierge-type solution while they are here and help all of them to savor their Costa Rica Holiday

This consists of arranging airport pickups and surface transport throughout Costa Rica, destroyed luggage assistance, a personal greeting and introduction in the condominium, information bundle (chart, visitor guide, phone book, restaurants guide, welcome page, shopping guide), maid solution, tour reservations, and 24 hour disaster contact. We will establish getaway rental rates considering period, quantity of occupants and size of the property. We are going to provide illustrated profiles of this home on the net to entice visitors. We also allocate “cold call” renters on a rotation basis.

Insurance Coverage

We have produced a unique system aided by the INS, the branch associated with Costa Rican government that presently provides all insurance coverage services in the nation. We possess the ability to offer our customers expanded protection at rates that could be whenever 15% less than those readily available to other individuals, because of the high quality and number of the properties under our management. This program is just offered to our management consumers.

Income Tax

We have developed a unique relationship with Deloitte, the global bookkeeping firm, to provide our consumers with automatic help in the planning of Costa Rican tax statements and relevant schedules to be connected to the tax returns they need to register in their house nations. Because Deloitte happens to be integrated into our regular accounting systems, this information is prepared from month to month before end associated with the Costa Rican income tax year (September 30th) together with schedule year-end employed by other nations


To simplify reporting while increasing convenience for our consumers, Summerland has generated a website with account information which can be accessed 24/7 on a secure basis. Information related to expenses and income for residential property management, accommodations, interior fixtures, and organization administration can be assessed by customers from any point-on the world with internet service.


Summerland complies with all Costa Rican employment laws and regulations and techniques. Such rules were designed to produce an environment of value for several employees in Costa Rica as they are built to protect worker and manager.


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